The TMI Travel Tag (Original)

Needed a break in between essays and decided to create a little tag post about my favorite thing ever – travel!

Come read all about my travel stories and consider yourself tagged!

1. What was the last country you visited?

Gran Canaria, Spain, June 2014 (too long ago!)

2. How many countries have you visited?

14, would like to visit 100 in my lifetime!

3. What is your favorite place on the planet, that you have been to?

Kyoto, which I visited in August 2013, and I am dying to go back!

4. Favorite place in your home country

Could easily go with my hometown but North Wales wins here. My heart was absolutely stolen by Snowdonia national park and Gwynedd when I lived there for three years for university.

5. If you could board a plane now, where would you go?

I would definitely be looking for some heat right now so I would go to Australia! It had previously been somewhere that I wasn’t too fussed about visiting by I’ve bee wanting to go more and more recently and it’s now right up there on the ‘to visit’ list.

6. What’s your cup of tea – Tropical island getaway, snowy ski break, or city exploring trips?

I personally hate anything to do with snow, but I’m very stuck between an island getaway and a city break. I love culture, shopping, and wandering out new cities, but you can’t beat a bit of sun, sea, and sand. Hmm….tropical island getaway, take me to the Maldives!

7. What are your top 3 hand luggage must-haves?

Good book, chunky magazine, and my iPod.

8. Any travel tips to share?

Two websites – Skyscanner and Airbnb – discover them, use them.

9. Most embarrassing moment abroad

I did a Marilyn Monroe at the Colosseum. I didn’t anticipate how windy it would be up there, or how many people would see my skirt going up if it did. Girls, wear trousers.

10. Biggest disappointment 

I generally don’t get let down by trips abroad but I have been disappointed on all three of my trips to London. Maybe I’m not going to the right places but it’s always been ruined by rude people and overpriced everything.

11. Nicest surprise

I hadn’t even come close to preparing myself for how nice camping in Switzerland would be! There is so much to do in the beautiful towns, and the lakes and mountains are absolutely breathtaking. We had only intended on passing through between Germany and Italy but ended up loving our time there. 

Vatican City was also a very unexpected love of mine, such beautiful architecture!

Also Dijon in France, much more than just a mustard stop!

12. Three places at the tip of the travel bucket list

Thailand, India, and Cambodia.

13. Favorite food discovery 

Denny’s diner in America was my favorite thing for the two weeks that I was there, and Japanese noodle pizza (not sure of the real name) was so so yummy!

14. Why do you travel?

I get weirdly sad and gloomy if I spend too long in the same place. Travelling, experiencing new cultures, and going to new places are all genuine hobbies of mine and I love the feeling of having my eyes opened when abroad. When I saw the ways in which Japanese people formed a single file queue when waiting for trains made me question my own etiquette more when I returned, etc. Traveling is the only thing that you can buy that makes you richer!

Plus, the UK also has bad weather.

15. What 3 things would you take on holiday/going travelling if you could?

I’d take my laptop abroad if I could, so that I could access my blog but laptops and going abroad are a big no for me, its nice to take a step away from it. Multiple books would also be good if they weighed less, and I’d I’ve always wanted to take my bike (which would be a right hassle when travelling, but better transport!)

16. Have you picked up any phrases from travelling?

Playa – Spanish for beach.

17. What two places would you not go back to and why?

I wouldn’t go back to Gran Canaria because I feel like I had done all that I have to see, and probably the same reason for Stockholm – would love to work there, but for a touristy break I felt like 3 days was enough.

18. Your dream travel companion

Either David Attenborough, so that he could narrate my trip, or Lara Croft, for obvious kick ass reasons.

19. Most surreal travel moment

Either jet skiing in Gran Canaria, where I was convinced I was going to die, or visiting the Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto, a Buddhist temple with the most surreal atmosphere. 

20. Three people you would like to see do this tag – (#tmitraveltag responses on twitter)

Well first off I would like all of my lovely readers to do this tag, and if you do use the hashtag #tmitraveltag so that I could read what you’ve done!

Specifically I would like to see Danielle from do this as I think she could fill this in with interesting references to UK travel, Katy from who has just been to Berlin, and Sara from who takes the most beautiful photos of North America!

That’s it from my for today, looking forward to seeing if anyone else fills this out (remember to use #tmitraveltag which I can track). Also feel free to use the header image at the top for your post if you don’t want to make one yourself. Bye for now!


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