She’s a big name in New Adult, but before I went on holiday I hadn’t read anything by her. Figuring NA romance would make for great beach reading, I picked this up before leaving for Mexico, and it ended up being the perfect introduction to NA romance that I was craving!

At 21 years old Auburn is living what seems to be a shattered life. She has recently moved to Texas to be a hairdresser, a job which she hates, but her financial struggles have her seeking out a second job. She walks by an art studio, where the artist uses people’s anonymous confessions as inspiration for his work, and is offered employment. However, the two have great chemistry, and a deep mutual attraction grows. The artist, Owen, is keeping back a huge secret from Auburn, and it threatens their relationship.
I know that I kept the story summery short but there are so many parts to this book that are best going in blind for. From the very first chapter this book had me in tears, and there are so many plot twists and character secrets that I just did not expect at all. The romance was believable: it was the first romance novel that I actually became truly hooked on how the relationship would turn out. 
Shockingly enough, I would actually read this again. I couldn’t put it down and rushed to find out how it would all end, so I would like to go back and take my time to enjoy the little things.
Auburn wasn’t a perfect little butterfly, like some main characters of books. She had her own issues, her own struggles, and made plenty of mistakes. So has Owen, our main love interest. I loved that Auburn seemed to doubt the concept of ‘insta-love’, something many female protagonists jump head first into and declaring their first loves the ultimate man for them. Owen is not Auburn’s first love, and you can tell.
This book had me crying, laughing, cheering, and cringing at other people’s secret confessions (Hoover actually uses her reads anonymous submissions as the confessions in this book, and some of them are shock worthy). I’d love to read this again, and it was a perfect length for a nice summer read.
4/5 for my review, but highly rated by all on Goodreads! A perfect introduction to New Adult.