So, I’ve got two things to tell you. Two things that I’m very excited about. And if you read my blog (if anyone does), it’ll affect what you’re going to be reading about in the future.

I thought I’d share some blog love at the bottom too, because I don’t do that enough.




I’m Moving to Australia

If you don’t follow me on Twitter you’ve probably missed the signs, but my boyfriend and I are applying for a 12 month Working Holiday Visa, with the intention of trying to get a second year there. I’m a graduate, he is a highly skilled worker, and thing’s just aren’t looking great for us in the UK at the moment. We want change, adventure, and to not spend our early 20’s stuck in what seems to be a never ending spiral of adulthood stress.

We are mostly saved up to leave, but want a bit extra to fall back on. We plan to leave the UK this autumn/winter, and to start in Melbourne before making our way up to Brisbane. We don’t have much planned, but we would like to move around as much as our finances will allow. If you have any posts about this, please send them to me on Twitter as I’m printing lots out! (I’m such a researcher person, unlike my OH who does everything on a whim!)
So what does this mean for my blog…

Rebranding Wanderness

I’ve always wanted Wanderness to be a travel blog. Even from creating the name, ‘Wanderlust’ + ‘Vanessa’ (you see what I did there? ok moving on….), but without the financial means to travel it became more of a life/beauty/clothes/books/food/wtf kind of mash-up. So it’s time for a rebrand (or rather, a refinement), to travel, and also, clothes (!!!) because it’s something that I am actually interested in but also can’t financially afford right now. Books will be kept to my YouTube account, as well as most life things.

I want Wanderness to be personal, documenting travels, with hopefully some nice food and outfits along the way. I finally managed to sum up my blog in once sentence, after 4 years, and this feels great. Hopefully now that I know what I’m actually doing, I can produce better and more consistant content.

What I’ve Been Reading and Loving

Danielle from Underland to Wonderland wrote a post on what to do in Disneyland Paris in one day. I’ve been obsessing over going to Paris recently and would love to do DLP again!

Imii Mace from Nettle & Blackberry is my ultimate girl crush. Not only is she a fellow Durham student (highfive sista!) but her blog and Instagram are ultimate aesthetic and travel goals. Her Instagram is life, follow here.

Tara from Cattitude & Co, my fav feminist, sex and period blog, has branched out into YouTube (channel link), and I love that she’s adding more diversity to my watch list.

Katy, blogger from, has the best Twitter recently. Too many times this week I’ve laughed out loud in bed when I’ve been wandering through my feed. EU commentry on point, and wtf is a ‘Panino’?? Follow here.

And last but not least, Becky Budbug, you are my hero for publishing this post on why you’re voting to remain in the EU. Also have a read of her Austria posts, and follow her on Twitter to keep updated on #bookbloggers. So. Much. Love. For. You.